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Top 10 Best Sellers

Gyms & Health Clubs
    1. Supreme Sound Tower™ #1000
    2. Supreme Sound Tower #1500
    3. Tascam CD-200iL Var. Speed Single CD/iPod/iPhone™ Player
    4. Supreme Audio™ The New Breeze Waterproof Combo Headset
    5. Group Ex & Cycling Studio Lighting Package
    6. Supreme Audio™ Series 900 Bodypack Wireless Mic Systems
    7. Electro-Voice™ ELX118P Subwoofer Speaker Packages
    8. Supreme Audio™ SA-159 Waterproof Headset Microphone
    9. Samson UHF Combo Wireless Microphone
  10. Multicolor Foam Microphone Windscreens

U.S. Military & Federal Installations
    1. Supreme Sound Tower™ #2000
    2. Supreme Sound Tower™ #1000
    3. Navigator™ Portable Sound System - Deluxe Package
    4. Supreme Audio™ The New Breeze Waterproof Combo Headset
    5. Studio Sound System #1
    6. Supreme Audio™ Series 900 Bodypack Wireless Mic Systems
    7. Tascam CD-200iL Var. Speed Single CD/iPod/iPhone™ Player
    8. Electro-Voice™ ELX118P Subwoofer Speaker Packages
    9. Samson UHF Combo Wireless Microphone
  10. Multicolor Foam Microphone Windscreens

Tap, Jazz, Ballet Dance Studios
    1. Studio Sound System #2
    2. Stanton C-402 Professional Variable Speed CD Player
    3. Tascam CD-200iL Var. Speed Single CD/iPod/iPhone™ Player
    4. Studio Sound System #1
    5. Bose 301/201 Speakers
    6. Sony STRDH130 Stereo Amplifier
    7. QSC K10 Powered Speaker System
    8. Tascam CD-200 Variable Speed Single CD Player
    9. Numark NDX400 Portable Variable Speed Single CD Player
  10. 6 Space Rolling Rack with Retractable Handle & Wheels

Here are some Customer's Responses to our
Online Satisfaction Survey question...
"What do you like Best about"

" Supreme Audio is fantastic!"

"I emailed customer service what I was looking for. I received a fast response from Mindy. She was awesome & found me what I was looking for."

"Ease of use of the website!"

Keith Williams,Let's Do This Fitness "My name is Keith Williams, owner and instructor at Let's Do This Fitness in Denver, Colorado. I am the first and "only" studio/facility to offer LesMills Virtual Classes in the State of Colorado. I initially entertained the idea to manage instructor costs, supplement "Live" classes, eliminate subs issues, and create convenience and a totally different workout experience for my clients."

"In May 2014, I made the decision to invest in Supreme Audio's new MediaManagerNetwork video management system to offer the LesMills Virtual™ Class platform and lighting. We have been using the virtual system for only four months and it is gaining acceptance and traction among our clients. Initially, clients were skeptical but once they took a class, their experience exceeded their expectations. Feedback from clients has been: 'I like the music', 'visibility of instructors on the big screen is good', 'instructions on the screen are clear and easy to follow', 'classes begin and end on time', and 'the overall quality of classes are not compromised'. What clients say that really separates this workout experience from the rest is the high quality sound and lighting system! As a business owner, you want to provide your clients with the best workout experience available. I feel that the LesMills Virtual Class platform coupled with the premium lighting and sound system is a WIN-WIN! Supreme Audio delivers a superior product and has amazing customer service. I highly recommend Supreme Audio and believe this technology is the wave of future fitness!"
  - - Keith Williams, Owner, Let's Do This Fitness, Denver, Colorado

"I really appreciate all the help. You guys are amazing to work with. I will be pushing the dance organization about the convenience and importance of the stage and dance studio lighting. Thanks again for the help.
  - - Allison Aylor

"I found it easy to navigate."

"You had the product I wanted."

"Love your site! It's user friendly."


"I get to speak to a REAL person if I need help, orders are shipped fast and sales person/owner are friendly and knowledgeable."

"Fast service."

"The wireless mic neoprene belts are perfect for our use."

"Good selections."

"Good customer service and talking to someone live on the phone."

"Great service from last order and fair pricing."

"The detailed product pictures."

"Have done business with your company before and was very satisfied."

"You have what I need for my classes."

"Easy to use and shop."

"Availability of foam windscreen colors I wanted."

"Nice website!"

"Foam windscreen prices and colors."

"The easy selection of items, easy to choose my foam windsock and how many I want. I like that all the categories for shopping are listed on the left hand side of the screen for easy navigation.."

"Easy to find products on the website."

"The color selection of foam windsocks!"

"Quick shipping."

"Easy to buy what I needed."

"Several Jazzercise instructors (including me) have been raving on our private Facebook page about how great Supreme Audio is. It piqued the interest of instructors that haven't heard of or used Supreme Audio, and hopefully it will bring more sales to Supreme Audio. If it does, please thank customer AK in the Boston area. She's your biggest fan!"

"Customer service."

"Easy to find through Google."

"I've ordered from you before so I consider your site as trustworthy, The goods arrived quickly and there were no problems."

"Foam windscreen color options, other similar sites sell only black ones."

"Please ship a hearty assortment of foam windscreen colors. Also, I love you guys! Your site is great, customer support is great, thanks for everything!"
  - - Patrick Mason, Vegas Hot Yoga and Pilates, Las Vegas, NV

"Easy to find what I was looking for."

"Website is excellent."

"Quality of brands."

"Ease of use and ordering."

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